Storytelling is my business.


Too many years ago to mention, I would take a roll of film and go out and shoot just about anything that caught my attention. I would get it home and work feverishly to develop the roll and see if I got anything worth holding on to. 

Fast forward all these years and my process for taking photos is much, much different. It is true that with the advent of digital photography, we have the ability to take hundreds if not thousands of images in the hopes of getting a few good ones. The difference for me is that today I spend a lot more time before I even press the shutter in thinking about the story I want to tell.

I now see my that it is my job as a photographer to tell the story of my client in the most visually compelling way possible 

Before a single photo is taken, I will sit down with you to learn as much as I can about you and your goals in having photographs taken. Communication is key here. I want to make sure that we are on the same page every step of the way. 

 today to contact me here to schedule a free, no hassle consultation to see if we can help you to tell your unique story. 



Bill Parmentier

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