Outside the Box

While I typically shoot all kinds of images, recently I have also started to get back into putting together short form videos also. This is something that helps me to get outside the box of my thinking in regards to what I do day in and day out. 

I recently had the opportunity to put together a recruitment video for a talented young man who is a pretty darn good kicker for his High School Football team if I do say so myself.  Below is the final video that is in the process of being sent to various colleges in hopes of being recruited by them. 

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First Cake Smash - Miss "G"

Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of getting the chance to photograph an amazing 1 year old. Miss "G" is an amazing young lady and was a so much fun to photograph. While everything was super messy, it was a blast to do this shoot. 

Grace - Cake Smash Shoot

At First she wasn't too sure on what to do with the cake...

Grace - Cake Smash 2

But eventually, she figured it out..


Grace - Cake Smash 3

Even Mom got involved...


Grace - Cake Smash 4

In the end, she seemed like she really enjoyed it...

Grace - Cake Smash 5

To learn more about cake smash sessions, check out this Link

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Happy Independence Day

On every special holiday, our family raises these two flags on the flagpole outside of our house. The bottom flag is a POW/MIA flag that was owned by my Step Father who fought in the Vietnam War. 

We fly the American flag to remind us that despite our differences, we still have the privilege of living and enjoying the freedom provided to us in this country. 

The POW/MIA flag is to remind us that there are those who never made it home after serving their country. All this so we may enjoy the freedoms that we enjoy today. 

Happy Fourth to all who are lucky enough to call the United States their home.