Things that you shouldn't say to a photographer

   I recently read an article on a photography website that stated a list of things that you should NEVER say to a photographer. A bunch of them are worth repeating here. So here is my own personal list of things you should never say to a photographer:

1. Can you give me a free photo shoot to help your portfolio? 

     While there are times we as photographers will give a free photo shoot in order to update an area in our portfolio that we'd like to add a few more pictures to, this is typically a rare event. You wouldn't ask your mechanic to repair your car for free for you in return for you giving him permission to promote it to others, would you?

2. Wow, What a great camera you have, it must take great pictures!

     I know this is a well meaning statement, but it doesn't take into account the skill required to compose a good photo. By this same notion, you'd be able to buy a fancy set of golf clubs and become a professional golfer.

3. Anyone can do photography. How hard can it be?

     While cameras are easily available nowadays, (usually as close as your smart phone), this doesn't mean photography is easy. Professional photographers put a lot of time and effort into learning about their trade. We spend many hours behind the camera and taking classes to learn to make our photos look better than the average "Selfie".

4. Photographers charge way too much. I'll just have a friend take my wedding photos

     This may be tempting to do in order to cut costs for your wedding, but it probably isn't the wisest of choices. A professional photographer charges what they do because there is a lot more that goes into capturing your big day in order for you to enjoy the photos for a lifetime. 

     We need to make sure we have the gear to properly photograph your big event. (We also need to make sure we have backups of all of this gear just in case something goes wrong.) Add to that liability and equipment insurance, as well as advertising expenses. It adds up pretty quickly. 

     Don't forget that our job doesn't end once your event is over. We still have to put together wedding galleries, back up and edit all of the photos we have taken. A typical wedding from initial consultation to completion can be close to a week's worth of work.