The Lost Month

Looking this morning at my blog for the first time in six weeks, I realize that while I have been busy teaching others about the importance of online marketing, sadly I've neglected my own brand in the process. This is something I plan on rectifying in the coming weeks. 

If you're interested in what I have been up to lately, here is a quick rundown of the last few weeks. 

In January, myself and two other professionals. Justin Kerr of Justin Kerr Design and Alicia Piazza of Custom Marketing Solutions got together to put together The Marketing Essentials Webinar.

Interested in watching the webinar? Sign up to watch a replay  here .

Interested in watching the webinar? Sign up to watch a replay here.

The webinar dealt with the importance of Branding, Social Media, Websites and Imagery when it comes to online marketing.

Coming out of the webinar, we realized that we had so much more information to share beyond what we were able to cover in a one hour webinar. We had so much fun putting the webinar together that we decided to start the process of putting together The Marketing Essentials Podcast. 

The month of February has seen me busy with the details of helping to bring the podcast to fruition. 

If you are interested in learning more on how to increase your online marketing, feel free to reach out to me. I'd be glad to grab a coffee and discuss the possibilities with you. Contact me at for more info.