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Outside the Box

While I typically shoot all kinds of images, recently I have also started to get back into putting together short form videos also. This is something that helps me to get outside the box of my thinking in regards to what I do day in and day out. 

I recently had the opportunity to put together a recruitment video for a talented young man who is a pretty darn good kicker for his High School Football team if I do say so myself.  Below is the final video that is in the process of being sent to various colleges in hopes of being recruited by them. 

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Choosing the Right Photographer

I recently read a great article on PetaPixel showcasing how different photographers will view the same model. This highlights the importance of making sure the photographer you choose has a style which fits your interests. 

A potential photographer should be willing to explain their photographic vision to you. Check out the video below to see an example of different photographic visions with the same model. 

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