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Aerial Imagery

The advent of drones has made stunning aerial images, video, and panoramas more affordable than ever. We can create video and still images that will showcase your property from a unique perspective. Perfect for showing the surrounding neighborhoods, viewing large properties, and providing views of nearby amenities and features.


Drones are becoming an essential tool for business owners and realtors to get images previously impossible. Drones can help you get fantastic low level aspects of properties, high altitude images and video fly-bys and feature clips lasting 1 to 2 mins.

One of the main benefits of drone photography is that a large amount of ground can be covered quickly. Very useful for large locations and properties with a huge amount of land or complex layouts that ground images just cant capture.

We can supply video in a few formats but most common are 1080p 30fps or 60fps. If you would like 4K footage we can do that also (but remember the files are LARGE) we can provide some post processing like color grading, editing and more.

If you have a business or real estate listing that would benefit from using aerial or drone photography then contact us.

Our drone real estate photography pricing is always competitive.


Commercial Photography

W.Parmentier Photography provides stunning images, video, and 360 imagery. Perfect for highlighting the latest remodel, product offering or giving a unique view of what people can expect when visiting your business. Click below to set up a free consultation.

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In the public’s eye expertly taken commercial photographs will show the world what your business means, does and sells, more effectively than pages upon pages of the printed word. The use of commercial photography should become an important ingredient in you business’ promotional and advertisement campaigns.

Business websites are often the first place people go to when searching for a business, so it is important to make a good first impression with beautifully taken photos

An experienced commercial photographer will discover the story the organization wants to portray during a pre-shoot interview and help the business to depict this image through custom imagery.

Whether you are looking to have product images, photos of your business itself or coverage for your next corporate event, we have a package that will fit your needs.

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Real Estate Imagery

W.Parmentier Photography provides stunning images, video, 360, and drone imagery showcasing your property from a unique perspective. Perfect for highlighting your latest listing and helping it to stand out from all the rest. Click below to set up a free consultation.

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Looking to showcase your latest listing? Here a few stats:

  • Almost a 100% of online home buyers viewed the very first photograph of a home

  • The first photograph is typically the front exterior view of a home and is viewed for 20 seconds. After the exterior view their eyes tended to wander around the page.

  • After the first photo 76% of the online home buyers viewed the property details like the number of bedrooms, baths, etc…

  • Only about 60% of the home buyers actually viewed the agents description of the home.

  • 60% of the time spent viewing the listing was spent viewing the photographs, 3x as much as any other section of the listing.

  • Homes with more photos sell faster, too. A home with one photo spends an average 70 days on the market, but a home with 20 photos spends 32 days on the market.

  • For homes in the $200,000 to $1 million range, those that include high-quality photography in their listings sell for $3,000-$11,000 more.

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By the end of 2020 80% of all content consumed on the internet will be video. We can work with you to help your business stand out from the crowd through the creation of a unique short form video. Whether promoting your business, your latest product or service, we can help. Click below to set up a free consultation.

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Video is quickly becoming one of the most powerful tools to incorporate into your marketing strategy. More traditional avenues of marketing, like print and other digital marketing strategies, still have their place, but are less effective unless paired with high-quality videos that can quickly capture and convert your audience.

While static images of products, company life, or behind-the-scene moments can undoubtedly still be useful, videos invite the viewers into that actual moment and make them feel immersed in the story you’re telling. This holds true whether it’s a product branding video or a corporate storytelling video.