Marketing Essentials Podcast - 029 - 4 Ways to get the most out of Facebook Ads

“I tried Facebook ads once but it didn’t work” is the marketing equivalent of, “I went to the gym once but it didn’t work.” Getting the most out of Facebook ads is today’s topic and our resident expert, Alicia Piazza, explains the difference between boosting and budgeting, how to target your audience, and setting your expectations for results. So whether you’ve tried Facebook ads once or are a complete newbie to the world of paid social media advertising you don’t want to miss this episode!


Stuff we mentioned during the podcast:

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How To Build Buyer Personas For Better Marketing

Facebook Text Overlay Tool (measures proportion of text/image in your FB ad)

Lil’ Rhody Marketing Support Group

Bonus Content: 4 Rules to Follow When Using Facebook Ads (PDF)
(available to MET Podcast subscribers)

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