Marketing Essentials Podcast - 040 - How to Becoming a Networking Rockstar - Bob Salvas

Networking is essential to grow your business, but if it gives you cold sweats just thinking about it that’s understandable. Walking into a room of strangers to introduce yourself, make small talk, and  connect with other business professionals can be downright intimidating! 

No one wants to be the person standing alone, checking the weather on their phone for the 10th time that night. Everyone wants to be “that person” who seems to glide into group conversations with confidence and ease. But how do you become a better networker?

This week we talk to Bob Salvas, Rhode Island networking veteran turned networking teacher. Bob has spent years on the networking circuit and has turned his natural talent and ability to make connections into a workshop. He shares some of his top tips and advice so you can become a networking rockstar!

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