Marketing Essentials Podcast - 046 - #MarketingFail : Take a Lesson from These Major Marketing Mishaps

A #MarketingFail can be costly, embarrassing and at times, devastating for brands and companies. (Anyone remember Rhode Island’s own “Cooler, Warmer” campaign?). This week on the podcast we cover some cringeworthy big brand marketing fails.  Hashtag mix-ups, off-color humor, branding disasters, and costly social media contest are just some of the topics we highlight. 

So how do you avoid letting your marketing campaigns go to $h!%? Listen in as the Marketing Essentials Team helps you understand what can (and does) go wrong with marketing campaigns in today’s digital world so that you can avoid the same mistakes.

Stuff we mentioned during the podcast:

HRI chief marketing officer resigns after 'Cooler & Warmer' debacle (WPRI)

Facebook promotion of Timothy’s coffee brews social media backlash

Cultural epic fails: brands gone wrong, and what brands can learn from KFC, Mercedes Benz and Pepsi

Lil’ Rhody Marketing Support Group