Marketing Essentials Podcast - 051 - Tools of the (Tech) Trade

On today’s podcast we let our team podcast producer, Bill, loose to share all things tech! It’s 30 minutes of valuable (and mostly free) tools that will have you on your way to being the next tech geek.

Want to DIY your video editing and upgrade your audio files? Or create a professional visual appearance through photos? This podcast is for the marketer who wants to do these things but doesn't know where to start! Bill shares behind-the-scenes elements and the tools you need to make your marketing work before you go to publish! 


Stuff we mentioned during the podcast:

Adobe Creative Cloud
Snapseed (app for photo editing)
GIMP (free image editing software)
Adobe Elements (simplified image and video software)
Audacity (free audio editing program)
Open Broadcaster Software (free video production software)
Smoove (hand-held gimbal for iPhone videos)
Theta V 360 camera (360 degree view camera)
Blue Yeti microphone

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